Boy Firmansyah

Lecturer - Database - Multimedia - Network - Programmer - Researcher



I was born in 1972. I have a bachelor's degree in informatics engineering and a master's degree in informatics engineering. I have been a lecturer since 1996. I have taught at approximately 15 campuses for study programs in informatics engineering, information systems, informatics management, computer engineering, multimedia engineering, and visual communication design. I have been in the computer world since the 2nd grade of elementary school. Became a programmer since junior high school grade 1 and joined an educational institution for computer courses as an instructor and I hold a national computer diploma. When I was in college I joined other friends to make computer programs for several companies.

I also became an expert at a company engaged in contractors as a database analyst. Since graduating, I joined my campus multimedia laboratory as a multimedia staff and instructor. I also worked on several computer network installations in the multimedia laboratory. In fact, I was a teacher at a vocational high school for computer networking lessons. My role in education was as a Lecturer for the State Civil Apparatus and was assigned to IBI Kosgoro 1957 Jakarta. I was the Chair of the Information Systems Study Program and also the Chair of the Informatics Engineering Study Program. And now I serve as Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science. I am also a researcher in the field of Computer Science.

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